The Knockouts

 "The Knockouts"

The draw has been made for this seasons Knockouts, This took place at The Ivy Leaf Club during the committee meeting

The first round draw is as follows and will commence on Feb 20th and 27th respectively

Riflemans A v Ivy Leaf A
Burneside Travellers v Black Labrador
Ibis A v Ibis C
Endmoor Club v Burneside Club B 
Albion C v Smokies B
Smokies A v Albion Nomads 
Albion B v Ivy Leaf B
Netherfield Club A v White Hart A
Punch Bowl v Jolly Anglers B
Castle B v Bootleggers F
Albion D v Horse 
White Hart B v Albion Warriors
Jolly Anglers A v Oddies Wax 
Albion Z v Riflemans B
George & Dragon v Netherfield Club B
Oddfellows v Heron

This season a Live draw will take place after every round, So please hand the winning result sheets in on time


Date Added: 04 Mar 2019

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