Wednesday League 2018/19 8 Ball clearances

 8 Ball Clearance clarification

An 8 Ball clearance is defined as below

If you break, pocket ball/balls and clear your suit of coloured balls, then the black. If you are the oncoming player following a dry break and you clear a suit of balls and the black.
 This means on your 1st visit only not at any further stage of the frame & in doubles a clearance by the breaking or following player only not their partners.
Below are a list according to the results sheets of players that have achieved this so far this season which I will update as the season continues.

Please make sure that both captains initial the sheet to verify it is correct to the definition above.

Congratulations to all below

Division 1          
Player  Team v Team Date Format
J.Stobbart Albion Nomads v Ibis A 12/09/2018 Singles
C.Johnson Riflemans A v Smokies A 12/09/2018 Singles
A.Milliard Smokies A v Burneside Travellers 19/09/2018 Singles
A.Crane White Hart A v Netherfield CC A 19/09/2018 Singles
J.Stobbart Albion Nomads v Ivy Leaf Bar A 19/09/2018 Doubles
T.Procter Netherfield CC A v Ivy Leaf Bar A 03/10/2018 Singles
E.Nevinson Ibis C v Burneside Travellers 10/10/2018 Singles
A.Richardson Albion Nomads v Riflemans A 10/10/2018 Singles
Division 2          
Player  Team v Team Date Format
P.Hayton Burneside CC B v Endmoor Club 19/09/2018 Singles
I.Selby Smokies B v Netherfield CC B 19/09/2018 Singles
W.Carter Black Labrador v Endmoor Club 10/10/2018 Doubles




Date Added: 10 Oct 2018

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