Rule 17, Amendment

 For anybody who hasn't spotted my deliberate mistake, the chages to rule 17 are as follows:
17.    a)      League & Knockout matches shall be played on specified                  

nights. 1 match, per team, per season may be rearranged with a minimum 24 hours notice to the opposing Team Captain and League Secretary. Further rearrangements will only be allowed in the following circumstances: Wedding or funeral which the majority of the team are attending, local, regional or national pool competitions, or prior permission from the committee. The postponement should also be confirmed in writing to the League Secretary within 1 week thereafter, stating reasons why and giving 3 alternative dates (see 17 d)).  Failure to abide by any of these rules will invoke the penalties set out below.


         b)      Any team failing to fulfil any fixture, or not giving 24 hours

notice,  will be fined £15.00 and also have 5 points deducted from its points total and 7 points shall be awarded to the opposing team.  For individual purposes all 9 players from the team gaining 7 points will be awarded wins.  The Captain is responsible for collecting the fine money from their team and delivering it to the League Secretary.  Failure to pay the fine within 2 weeks of notification will result in that team most likely being banned from the Kendal & District Pool League (KDPL) for the rest of the season, or any other punishment deemed fit by the Committee.


         c)      However all matches that have to be re-arranged must be

played within 4 weeks of the original match date, unless within the last 4 weeks of the League season, when the game must be played before the last specified date of the season, unless the rearranged game is a team’s last game it then must be played within 2 weeks.  Failure to do so will still result in the aforementioned penalties.


         d)      Re-arrangement of fixtures – in the following example the

team requesting rearrangement is Team A, and the opposition team is Team B.  Following agreement to the request the League Secretary and Team A Captain should be given, within 1 week of the original match date, 3 dates by Team B Captain when the postponed match can be played.  These dates must be within the specified time limits (see 17 c).  Team A Captain must then notify Team B Captain  which date(s) are acceptable.  Failure on behalf of either team to comply will result in either or both teams being disciplined (see fines 17 b).

Copies of this amendment are available in hard copy or via Email from

Date Added: 27 Aug 2013

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