3-Man team Competition Draw 2014

The draw has been made for the 3 man team competition 2014. Take a look below for the full draw.

We have a few matches in a preliminary round, so make sure you check to see when you're playing your first match.

KDPL 3-Man Team Knockout Competition 2014 top team in draw at home all 1 match round robin to Final which is Home & away
To be played by 28th Feb 2014 To be played by 31st Mar 2014 To be played by 30th Apr 2014 To be played by 31st May 2014  
I.Preston, B.mackereth & A.Ediss (Bridge)      
The Good The Bad & The Welsh Armi, Mike & Ian (Albion)
T.Seward, A.Hall & S.Greenhow (Ivy Leaf)  
The 3 F's Finch, Ferris & Finch (White Hart)
The Bridge Veterans                  Nige, Terry & Keith (Bridge)     Winnner
Holmesless (Castle)                           G.Kirkby, D.Pearson & G.Sill   
  Albion Raiders (Albion)          D.Wright, K.Jenkinson & J.Black 
  Piff Paff Puff (Netherfield C.C.)       A.Procter, T.Procter & D.Hennessy     
  B.Thomas, D.Floyd & N.Macdonald        (Smokehouse)
  Phil's Team (White Hart)               P.Hill, C.Leven & N.Chaplow   
  Ivy Leaf 3-Man Team                  A.Gilpin (Ivy Leaf)

Date Added: 20 Jan 2014

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