Kendal Doubles Competition

This year, The Kendal & District Pool League Doubles competition will be held at the Albion Social & Snooker Club on Saturday the 14th March 2015..

Entry is open to any registered players in the Kendal & District Pool League with an entry of £2 per team..

Registration will be between 11 and 11.45am with an 12pm start..

Each match will be the best of three, Best of five in the final..

World Rules Apply..

The reigning champions, Dave Hunter & Andrew Burrows will be awarded free entry to this years competition..

The Rules:
It is expected that players will always play the game in the true spirit and in a sporting manner. The floor referee will take whatever action is necessary to ensure the spirit and rules of the game are obeyed.

A player is expected to self referee with honesty and play a shot within sixty seconds, The floor referee will start timing where persistant slow play is observed, If a player breaches the "Spirit of the game" to such an extent, the floor referee may award frame (or match) to the opponent, This includes abusive or threatening behaviour to any competitor or committee member, Any final decision will be taken by the qualified referee at the event.

Information to be disclosed/not disclosed by a referee:
A player is responsible for knowing the rules of the game, It is not the referees duty to explain or quote the rules to a player.

A referee, if asked by a player, may divulge certain information pertaining to the frame in question under the guidelines of the "Past, Present and Future Rule", A referee may divulge information relating to any past event or present situation in the frame, For example,
a, "Whos turn is it?" - Present
b, "Was that a foul?" - Past
c, "Which colour am i on?" - Present

However, "If i play this shot will it be a foul?" is a question regarding the future, and the referee should advise the player that the referee cannot answer this type of question.

Date Added: 13 Mar 2015

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