Thursday League AGM 2015

Registration for the KDPL Thursday league 2015 will be held at The Ivy Leaf Club at 8pm, Sunday 1st March 2015. One person from each venue wishing to enter teams is required to attend.

Entry fee is £35 per team.

Each venue must complete an entry form and bring it with their entry fee to the registration.

Please note that the format for the Thursday league is 5 singles and 2 doubles with no wildcards. This applies to ALL divisions.

Please ensure you have enough players and a venue to play from to fulfil the fixtures when entering to help to avoid teams dropping out after the season has started. This creates unwanted byes in divisions (as happened in the 2014-2015 Wednesday league), and can lead to frustration among keen players looking for regular pool.

We are very aware that even though you have a team and venue at the start of the season, venues can close at short notice. We understand that this is sometimes unavoidable.

See you on Sunday!

Date Added: 24 Feb 2015

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