'Brian Sharpe'

Brian Sharpe has been a comedian for over ten years, working in almost any enviroment from pubs and clubs, up to more recently, theatres and hotels.

A fairly laid back approach, he is noted for his quick fire wit wherever neccesary, and is suited to almost any situation put in front of him.

To list the awards Brian has won would take too long, except to say that he has been voted Best Comedian all over the North of England over numerous years, and has appeared on several command shows.

Brian Sharpe has a varied application of his talents acroos the board, He has supported such legends as The Drifters and The Hollies and is an expierienced and amusing after dinner speaker, He has worked with many sporting celebrities including Ian St John, Tommy Docherty, Alex Murphy OBE and Emlyn Hughes MBE to name but a few.

He has homed the ability to make people laugh without the need to use bad language, Yet in a complete contrast, he is also recognised as one of the finest adult comedians in the country, with his ability to destry hecklers and hit the staggiest of audiences 'HARD'

Date Added: 11 Jul 2015

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