Reminder on rules of rearranging fixtures

League & Knockout matches shall be played on specified nights. 1 match, per team, per season may be rearranged with a minimum 24 hours’ notice to the opposing Team Captain & League Secretary. Further rearrangements will only be allowed in the following circumstances: Wedding or funeral which the majority of the team are attending, local, regional or national pool competitions, or prior permission from the committee. Where it is agreed by both captains to play the fixture in the week prior to the match date this will not be classed as a rearrangement. The postponement should also be confirmed in writing to the League Secretary within 1 week thereafter, stating reasons why and giving 3 alternative dates.
The full rules can be found on the paper copy of The Constitution which each venue was sent with the fixtures or on the website by clicking on the front page banner.

Date Added: 11 Nov 2015

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