Thursday League 2016 8 Ball Clearances

8 Ball Clearance clarification

An 8 Ball clearance is defined as below

If you break, pocket ball/balls and clear your suit of coloured balls, then the black. If you are the oncoming player following a dry break and you clear a suit of balls and the black.

This means on your 1st visit only not at any further stage of the frame & in doubles a clearance by the breaking or following player only not their partners.

Below are a list according to the results sheets of players that have achieved this so far this season which I will update as the season continues.

Please make sure that both captains initial the sheet to verify it is correct to the definition above.

Congratulations to all below;
    8 Ball Clearances      
Player  Team v Team Date Format
Division 1          
J.Wild Albion C v Albion A 21/04/2016 Singles
P.Robinson White Hart B v Endmoor Club 28/04/2016 Singles
D.Smith Albion B v Ibis A 16/06/2016 Singles
A.Armitstead Albion A v Albion C 23/06/2016 Singles
P.Robinson White Hart B v Burneside CC A 23/06/2016 Singles
M.Williams Albion C v Ibis A 14/07/2016 Singles
S.Greenhow Union A v Burneside CC A 07/04/2016 Doubles
K.Gilbertson Albion B v Albion A 26/05/2016 Doubles
D.Smith Albion B v Albion C 30/06/2016 Doubles
J.Leach Endmoor Club v Albion A 07/07/2016 Doubles
Division 2          
D.Nelson Ivy Leaf Club C v Jolly Anglers A 07/04/2016 Singles
Division 3          
J.Hillbeck Albion Warriors v Netherfield CC B 19/05/2016 Singles
K.Singleton Cross Keys v Shakespeare 02/06/2016 Singles
P.Gott Cross Keys v Shakespeare 02/06/2016 Singles
Division 4          
A.Milliard Smokehouse B v Union B 19/05/2016 Singles
C.Williams New Inn v Union F 24/03/2016 Doubles

Date Added: 14 Jul 2016

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