Refereeing & Timekeeper standards & competency

 Refereeing & Timekeeper standards & competency


As per rule A of the world pool rules it is expected that players will always play in the true spirit of the game & in a sporting manner.

This includes referees & timekeepers & they should ensure all calls clear & heard by both players & referee/timekeeper (i.e. 30 seconds, yellow balls nominated).

As per the K.D.P.L. constitution rules 12 & 27 captains should ensure that the person selected to referee/time keep is competent & familiar with the rules call etc.

I am willing to hold a referee guidance session if enough players show interest as some already have but would like a minimum of 12.

If interested please contact me & I will arrange when enough players.

Chris Ferris league secretary
Date Added: 29 Aug 2016

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