Wednesday Division 3 Wildcards

 Division 3 Wildcards

There seems to be confusion about the procedure for use of wildcards in division 3

There are 2 wildcards allowed in division 3 only which can be used in either singles or doubles, each wildcard should be drawn separately.

The captain who needs to use a wildcard should inform the opposing captain of this as soon as he is aware he is a player/players short, the draw for each of the wildcards should include all other players from the team & if a player is drawn who has left & cannot return within the allowed time (5 Minutes) the frame is awarded to the opposing team.

In Doubles & player cannot be drawn to partner themselves so should be excluded from the draw & whoever is drawn should then partner them.

I hope this clarifies if in doubt please let me or committee know & we will explain

Chris Ferris

K.D.P.L. League secretary
Date Added: 19 Sep 2018

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