The Knockouts & 8 ball clearances

"The Knockouts" The Quarter Final draw is as follows and will commence on March 20th and 27th respectively

Jolly Anglers B v Netherfield Club B Albion Nomads v Ivy Leaf A Albion D v Smokies B Netherfield Club A v Burneside Travellers

Please hand the winning result sheets in on time in preperation For the next round Live draw

    Knockouts 2019          8 Ball Clearances      
Player  Team v Team Date Format
A.Richardson Albion Nomads v Smokies A 20/02/2019 Singles
J.Reading Ivy Leaf Bar B v Albion B 20/02/2019 Singles
J.Wild Albion C v Smokies B 20/02/2019 Doubles
S.Higginson Ibis C v Ibis A 20/02/2019 Singles
A.Davies Ibis C v Ibis A 27/02/2019 Singles
T.Armitstead Albion Nomads v Jolly Anglers A 06/03/2019 Singles

T Armitstead         Albion                                      Ivy Leaf A           
                             Nomads             v

Date Added: 22 Mar 2019

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