The Knockouts

Due to Global Coronavirus, We, The Committee are monitoring the Government Policies on the welfare of all persons.. As of now, the Knockouts are going ahead and on schedule until further notice, We do suggest that instead of the etiquette handshake, A verbal Good Luck will suffice

This seasons Live draw took place and is as follows Last 16

Coach & Horses B v Ibis C
Netherfield Club B v Ivy Leaf A
Albion D v Coach & Horses A
Ibis A v New Inn (Albion)
Albion C V Smokies A
Albion Z v Albion B
Rainbow v Burneside Travellers
Jolly Anglers V Netherfield Club A

Ties to be played 18th and 25th March Please hand the result sheets into the Albion as soon as possible in preparation for the Quarter Final LIVE DRAW
Date Added: 16 Mar 2020

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