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14-1 3-MAN TEAM 

Entry Fee = £15.00 per team

First team to 75 points wins.

To be played on a Sunday in groups then on a knockout basis.

Basically how this works is you toss a coin to decide which team are going to break off, so say for example Team 'A' wins the toss and choose to break.   If nothing is potted on your break then a second visit follows, failure to pot a ball with this visit means end of turn, so for example Team 'A' breaks nothing is potted, a second visit is taken and again nothing is potted, play then passes to Team 'B' and so on.   Once Team 'A' misses potting a ball play then passes to Team 'B' and vice versa.

Each ball potted equals 1 point. 

The aim of the game is "to pot as many balls as you can" on each visit to the table.  Once you miss potting a ball, then a player from the opposite team takes his/her turn as detailed above.

You can pot Reds, Yellows and the Black at any time during the game.

A minimum of 16 teams is required to be able to run this Competition and the Prize Money based on 16 teams entering is divided as follows:-

WINNER = £120.00,   RUNNER-UP = £60.00,   SEMI-FINALS = £30.00.

Obviously if we receive more than 16 entries then the prize money will increase accordingly.

Entry forms will be delivered over the weekend to each Pub/Club together with a set of Rules for you to have a look at and see if you are interested in entering this Competition.  You can also enter via our website.

Please note the Closing Date for entries is SUNDAY 28TH FEBRUARY 2010.

If you would like any further information on this Competition then please contact Kev Jenkinson on 01539 728869

We will run this Competition as long as we can generate enough interest, so please support us by entering.  Many Thanks
Date Added: 04 Feb 2010

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